Emily Heart Acupuncture

Chinese Herbal Medicine

In my clinic I prescribe almost entirely condensed powdered herb formulas.  Using the ancient science and art of Chinese diagnosis and herbal formulation, I modify the remedies specifically for each individual.  This is a very unique service for the Duluth, MN area.  The formulas are taken by mixing a small amount into hot water and drinking up to four times daily.  This is a highly absorbable way of taking in herbal medicine.  The specificity of each remedy assures that we addressing your specific constitution and imbalances as everyone manifests uniquely.  As such, side effects are very rare with the formulas.  You will receive maximum benefit in the most timely fashion.  As your body improves I am able to modify the remedy and adapt to your changing symptoms.  

One of the most common formulas in Chinese Herbal Medicine. Yin Qiao San is good as a cold and flu preventative, and also for treatment of many bacterial and viral infections. 

Each herb comes to me powdered in individual bottles.  I mix as needed. 

After the formulas are blended, you mix the powder into hot water and drink as a tea.
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