Emily Heart Acupuncture

Emily Hysjulien, L.Ac.

    From the moment I first came into contact with Chinese Energy Healing I was in love.  It unveiled the dynamics of my body that had seemed subtle and hidden yet held the key for an astounding opening.  At last I had the ability to integrate and heal my own body as well as others.   This was a historically empowering moment in my life.   Soon after I began a Master of Oriental Medicine program at Minnesota College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Bloomington, MN.  After three years of rigorous study I was transformed and heart aching for the Northwoods.  Home sweet home.  

I've lived in Duluth with my husband Eric, and my young daughter Lena.  With our recent move to 6 acres off of Martin Rd. we are living and dreaming a new world rooted in sustainability, earth 
consciousness and compassion, and spiritual awakening. 

My practice is continually evolving and I am excited to be bringing in sound healing to my sphere of healing modalities.  Early October I will be beginning the acutonics program which is sound healing rooted in oriental medicine theory.  Very exciting!

In my life I am blessed and grateful for the shining  love  and support of family, and friends.  I've focused my energy  on relationships, mothering, books to further the mind, writing and performing music, stomping around in the woods, eating, sleeping, and being.


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