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    Emily Heart has been providing acupuncture in Duluth MN for five years. She is a licensed acupuncturist, and offers acupuncture, cupping, chinese herbal medicine, Tui Na (Chinese Massage Therapy), Acutonics sound healing, and moxabustion.  The combination of her services are very effective for prenatal care, mental health, chronic pain, acute pain or injury, spiritual and emotional healing, pediatric care, and much more.  

 Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is a rising star in the realm of Allopathic Medicine, and a foundation of Holistic Medicine.  It has the combined blessing of being an ancient art that has scientific validity.  A bridge between worlds that allows for very thorough and profound healing.  

    Folks are looking for a different kind of medicine these days.  They want; natural medicine, more time with their practitioners to create healing plans, to be heard, to be collaboratively provided for within their community, and they want to feel empowered along the way.  

    I am conscious of such desires, and am of the type that seeks such healing myself.  I also provide compassionate and clear communication.  I have found that such acts are like a salve on the wounds one might recieve along the way from money driven medical industries.  This is not a jab towards the providers themselves, but an acknowledgment of a system that no longer supports the general population. 

    It is known amongst traditional chinese medical practitioners that if you wish to offer true healing, you must first connect with the spirit.  This resonates deeply with me, and I strive to approach my practice in this way.  
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