Emily Heart Acupuncture

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"Helping children to stay healthy naturally"
Treating children at Emily Heart Acupuncture

With a combination of treatments it is possible to treat children comfortably and effectively.  From the beginning the goal is to build a trusting relationship that may last through their maturing years.  By working with each child as a an individual and with respect, I am able to move towards a treatment that is optimal.  It is not necessary to use needles in the treatments.  I use a few special therapies that are great for kids.
  • TUI NA- Tui Na is a form of Chinese Massage Therapy that is especially effective for children.  It essentially has the same effect as an acupuncture treatment would.  Rather than using needles for treatment I use; special acupressure, and massage techniques that balance the body system.  Children are generally very responsive to treatment as their energy bodies are quick to change.  
  • SHONI SHIN - Shoni Shin is a Japanese therapy that uses small non invasive instruments to balance the qi and clear illness.  It is specifically therapeutic for chronic illnesses such as allergies (including food), asthma, immunity, and emotional imbalances.

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